The Review Engine includes dozens of features and functions designed to help your business….

• Increase Your Online Reviews
• Increase Sales from Referrals
• Move up the Page on Every Search Engine
• Improve Your Company’s Online Reputation
• Protect Your Company’s Online Reputation
• Increase Traffic to Your Website

Plus we GUARANTEE The Review Engine will help your business increase the number of online reviews it received or we will refund up to 6 months of your subscription !!!

Simple, YET Powerful Dashboard

Knowledge is power and the Review Engine’s dashboard insures you know your company’s overall review performance, its review score and the number of reviews you have received on the major consumer review sites you choose. This alone will save your company a HUGE amount of time since you no longer need to visit each site individually! Our trending graph provides you with a visual view of your increasing number of reviews and the social sentiment ring presents the sentiment of your company’s reviews and online posts found in more than 120 review and social media sites!

Multiple Tools to Help Your Business Request, Capture and Share Your Reviews

The Review Engine uses several tools and technologies to insure you get the most reviews from your customers! We combine automated or on demand email and text messaging, your website and social media pages, print materials, QR codes, links, in house kiosks and mobile apps to request, capture and share your company’s reviews and online reputation!

We Integrate with, Monitor and Report on More than 120 Review and Social Media Sites

While statistics tell us YELP, Google, Bing, YAHOO, Yellow Pages and CitySearch are the top consumer review sites we want your reputation shared and protected in as many places as possible.

Create Custom Emails and Point of Sale Handouts to Get More Reviews Content

To make it easy for your business to capture and share more online reviews The Review Engine includes email templates and point of sale materials a business can easily customize and integrate into their business processes.

Add a Review Request and Sharing Plugin to Your Company Website

The Review Engine makes it easy for your business to share and request reviews from your company’s website. It is a proven fact that websites that include online reviews

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