Why Are Reviews Important to Your Business?

Well if you have not figured it out yet, online reviews are critical to your company’s success!

Growing your business today is closely tied to how consumers perceive you online as more than 88% of people form an opinion about your business by reading online reviews!

Customer feedback is a very visual representation of your business since users rely on cues such as online reputation, social word of mouth, and reviews to make informed buying decisions.

Every business owner we talk to says customer retention and loyalty are an essential part of their success but without customer testimonials shared online so prospects can research and connect directly with customers, a customer retention and loyalty plan isn’t complete. Utilizing The Review Engine to automate the request, capture, sharing and management of a business’ customer reviews is essential for any business today!

  • 94% of consumers will use a business with a 4-star rating

  • 92% of consumers read online reviews

  • 88% of consumers form opinions by reading reviews

  • 87% of small business don't ask for reviews!

  • 84% of consumers say reviews must not be more than 6 months old to matter

  • 80% of consumers will trust reviews as much as personal recommendations

  • 68% of consumers say that positive reviews make them trust a local business more

  • 51% of consumers will select a local business if it has positive reviews


Are there any Guarantees?

YES.We GUARANTEE *** businesses that we will increase the number of online reviews they receive! If we don’t, we refund the business’ subscription!

GUARANTEE (***) Conditions for Refund: To qualify for a subscription refund said business must have used the Review Engine module or Complete Demand Engine platform for AT LEAST 6 months AND requested reviews VIA email and/or text from 90% of their customers during that 6-month period. If these conditions are met and the Review Engine or Complete Demand Engine platform did not deliver more online reviews on the reviews sites selected by said business we will refund an amount up to 6 months of the business’ subscription fees.

Why do online reviews matter to my business?

The old paper based Yellow Pages have been replaced by local online search, with a twist: local search results display star ratings.

Will online reviews impact my company’s sales?

According to a Harvard Study, some businesses have reported up to a 20% drop in sales due to negative reviews. And for each star rating increase or decrease, businesses may lose or gain 5% to 9% in sales.

How is The Review Engine different from other review sites like Auto Body Review, SureCritic, DemandForce, Kukui, RepairPal?

The Review Engine is different because we drive a shop’s online reviews to the biggest and most popular review sites consumers frequent the most such as YELP, Google+, Facebook, YAHOO, YP.com, YP.ca and more. This not only helps shops with their marketing on these individual sites it also helps shops with the local SEO performance.

Is there a long term contract?


Are there any additional fees for the number of customers in my database or the number of emails or text messages we send?


Is my data shared or sold?


How does the Review Engine help my business collect online reviews from my customers?

The Review Engine automatically requests reviews from previous customers via email, text, the company website and Facebook page, QR Codes, kiosks, mobile apps and other digital platforms. We also allow your business to print or export review request form your customers can use to access all of the review sites you want to capture reviews on.

Do we receive notifications if a new review is posted on one of my company’s review sites?

Yes. The Review Engine automatically notifies multiple people in a business daily with any new reviews and/or posts from more than 120 social media and review sites!

Will the Review Engine help my business’s local SEO performance?

Yes, IF your businesses uses The Review Engine and requests reviews from a majority of your customer base. Businesses with more and better reviews consistently appear on the first page of Google, YAHOO, BING and other online search engines

What other benefits will my business receive from the Review Engine?

• New Customers via Improved Ratings and Reviews
• New Customers via Improved Rankings
• New Customers via Local Search SEO Improvement
• New Customers via Local Search Listing Monitoring
• New Customers via Testimonials
• Repeat Customers via Winning Over Unhappy Customers
• Repeat Customers via Couponing
• Repeat Customers via Social Media
• Feel Better About Your Reputation Online
• Online Reputation Control

What sites can I capture and share reviews on with the Review Engine?

Today the Review Engine allows a business to request, capture, manage and share reviews on YELP, Google+, YAHOO, Facebook, CitySearch, YP.com, and YP.ca.

How many sites can can my business monitor for posts, comments and sentiment related to my business?

Today the Review Engine allows a business to monitor more than 100 social media for posts, comments and sentiment related to my business? We update the list monthly.

What if we have multiple locations?

The Review Engine has the ability to work with organizations that have thousands of locations.

What type of setup, training and support does a business receive?

Once a business registers for a Review Engine account a dedicated Project Manager will help the business setup and configure their account including

• Integration with your estimating or shop management software
• Import customer files (if available)
• Integrate The Review Engine with all selected review sites
• Setup and configure post monitoring on more than 100 social media sites
• Automated notifications setup
• Creating an email and text messaging account
• Creating custom branded email and text message templates
• Setup automated review request email and/or text messages
• Provide your website developer with The Review Engine website plugin
• Install The Review Engine plugin in the business Facebook page
• Create a custom CSI survey (if required)